Homeschool Math Curriculum from Amazon

Homeschooling is an exciting venture, but the prospect of finding affordable and effective educational resources can be a common concern.

The good news? Homeschooling doesn’t have to break the bank! These budget-friendly math curriculum options are affordable, efficient, and available on Amazon!

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1. Modern Kid Press Math Series (Ages 2-7) 

Modern Kid Press is a family-run publishing company based in San Antonio, Texas. They take a modern approach to children’s books that focuses on making learning fun, engaging, and even a little bit silly to help kids develop hands-on skills while minimizing their screen time.

Modern Kid Press Pros for Homeschoolers:

  • Engaging Approach: Modern and creative learning materials.
  • Hands-On Learning: Emphasizes minimizing screen time.
  • Real-World Problem Solving: Intentional focus on solving practical challenges.
  • Values-Based Education: Promotes kindness, respect, and positivity.
  • Inspiration and Creativity: Brings a modern touch to inspire learning.
  • Diverse Learning Styles: Encourages excitement about learning through varied approaches.
  • Individualized Learning: Celebrates each child’s uniqueness and interests.

Who Modern Kid Press Might Benefit:

  • Parents Seeking Engaging Education: Ideal for those seeking entertaining and effective learning resources.
  • Diverse Learning Styles: Appeals to children with varied learning preferences.
  • Character Building: Suitable for families aiming to instill positive values and kindness.
  • Creative Learners: Benefits kids who thrive on modern and hands-on approaches.
  • Individualized Learning: Supports the idea of recognizing and celebrating each child’s uniqueness.

2. Spectrum Math Series (Pre-k – 8) 

Spectrum curriculum is a comprehensive educational resource known for its structured progression and extensive coverage of various subjects, providing abundant exercises and diverse question formats tailored for different grade levels.

Pros of Spectrum Math:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Covers a wide range of math topics and concepts.
  • Structured Progression: Provides a clear and structured learning path.
  • Ample Practice: Offers abundant exercises for reinforcement and mastery.
  • Varied Formats: Includes diverse question formats for a well-rounded understanding.
  • Grade-Specific: Tailored to different grade levels, ensuring age-appropriate content.

Who Spectrum Math Might Benefit:

  • Structured Learners: Ideal for students who thrive in a systematic and organized learning environment.
  • Parents Seeking Comprehensive Resources: Suitable for parents looking for a comprehensive math curriculum.
  • Students Needing Reinforcement: Benefits those who require additional practice and reinforcement.
  • Varied Learning Styles: Appeals to students who benefit from diverse question formats.
  • Grade-Specific Needs: Tailored for families with students in different grade levels.

3. IXL Learning Math Series (Grades K-12)

IXL Learning Math Workbooks offer a comprehensive and structured curriculum, covering a diverse range of math topics aligned with educational standards. Ideal for homeschooling families and parents seeking supplementary resources, these workbooks provide clear instructions and ample practice exercises for students to reinforce and master essential mathematical skills at their own pace.

Pros of IXL Learning Math Workbooks:

  • Comprehensive Content: IXL Learning Math Workbooks cover a wide range of math topics, providing a comprehensive curriculum that aligns with educational standards.
  • Clear Progression: The workbooks follow a logical and structured progression, allowing students to build on foundational skills and gradually advance to more complex concepts.
  • Skill Reinforcement: Each workbook offers ample practice exercises to reinforce mathematical skills, promoting a deep understanding of concepts through repeated application.
  • Aligned with Standards: The content is aligned with national and state standards, ensuring that students are covering essential topics relevant to their grade level.
  • Varied Question Formats: The workbooks incorporate diverse question formats, helping students develop a well-rounded understanding of mathematical concepts and problem-solving strategies.
  • Diagnostic Assessments: Some workbooks may include diagnostic assessments to identify areas of strength and weakness, enabling targeted practice and intervention.
  • Clear Instructions: The workbooks provide clear instructions and examples, making them suitable for independent learners or for parents guiding their children’s learning.
  • Accessible Resource: IXL Learning Math Workbooks serve as a convenient at-home resource, accessible for additional practice and skill development beyond the online platform.

Who IXL Learning Math Might Benefit:

  • Homeschooling Families: Ideal for families engaged in homeschooling, offering a structured and comprehensive math curriculum.
  • Parents Seeking Additional Resources: Beneficial for parents looking for supplementary math resources to reinforce classroom learning or address specific learning needs.
  • Students Needing Extra Practice: Suited for students who require additional practice to strengthen their math skills and improve proficiency.
  • Self-Directed Learners: Well-matched for students who can work independently, following the clear instructions and exercises provided in the workbooks.
  • Multi-Grade Homeschools: Suitable for homeschooling families with students at different grade levels, providing flexibility to accommodate various learning needs.
  • Students Preparing for Standardized Tests: Valuable for students preparing for standardized tests, as the content aligns with educational standards and covers a broad spectrum of topics.

4. Evan-Moor Math Series (Grades K-12)

Evan-Moor Math Workbooks provide a skill-focused approach to mathematics education, offering grade-specific resources designed to enhance understanding through engaging activities and targeted practice. With a focus on foundational concepts and real-world application, these workbooks cater to diverse learning styles and serve as valuable tools for both classroom and homeschool settings.

Pros of Evan-Moor Math Workbooks for Homeschoolers:

  • Tailored Grade-Level Content: Evan-Moor Math Workbooks are designed to cater to specific grade levels, offering homeschooling parents a structured and age-appropriate curriculum aligned with academic standards.
  • Focused Skill Development: The workbooks provide a focused approach to skill development, making them an excellent resource for homeschoolers seeking targeted practice and mastery of foundational math concepts.
  • Engaging and Interactive Activities: With engaging and interactive activities, these workbooks keep homeschooling sessions enjoyable, fostering a positive attitude toward math learning in a home environment.
  • Real-World Application Emphasis: Evan-Moor places a strong emphasis on real-world applications of mathematical concepts, making it especially beneficial for homeschoolers who aim to connect theoretical learning with practical scenarios.
  • Flexible and Independent Learning: Clear instructions and reproducible pages make these workbooks suitable for independent learning, empowering homeschooling families with flexibility in their teaching approach.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Covering a variety of math topics, Evan-Moor workbooks offer homeschoolers a well-rounded curriculum that aligns with diverse learning needs and styles.
  • Supplemental Support: As a supplemental resource, these workbooks provide homeschooling parents with additional tools to reinforce classroom instruction and offer extra practice, ensuring a comprehensive math education.

Who Evan Moor Math Might Benefit: 

  • Homeschooling Families: Tailored to the homeschooling environment, these workbooks are a valuable asset for families seeking a comprehensive and structured math curriculum.
  • Independent Learners: Suited for homeschoolers who thrive in independent learning environments, allowing students to progress at their own pace with clear instructions.
  • Flexible Homeschooling Schedules: Ideal for families with flexible schedules, Evan-Moor workbooks provide an adaptable solution to integrate math learning seamlessly into the homeschool routine.
  • Parents Seeking Grade-Specific Resources: Beneficial for parents looking for grade-specific workbooks that align with their child’s homeschooling journey, offering a reliable and focused resource for targeted learning.

5. Carson Dellosa Education Math Series (Grades Pre-k- 8) 

Pros of Carson Dellosa Education Math Workbooks for Homeschoolers:

  • Diverse Grade Levels: Carson Dellosa Education Math Workbooks cater to various grade levels, offering homeschoolers a wide range of options suitable for different age groups and academic levels.
  • Engaging and Colorful Design: The workbooks feature an engaging and colorful design, capturing the attention of young learners and making math more visually appealing.
  • Varied Learning Activities: With a variety of learning activities, including puzzles, games, and hands-on exercises, these workbooks provide homeschoolers with diverse methods to reinforce mathematical concepts.
  • Aligned with Educational Standards: Carson Dellosa workbooks align with educational standards, ensuring that homeschooling parents can confidently cover essential math topics and meet curriculum requirements.
  • Easy-to-Follow Instructions: Clear and easy-to-follow instructions make these workbooks suitable for independent learning, allowing homeschoolers to take charge of their math education.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: The workbooks cover a comprehensive range of math topics, making them a valuable resource for parents seeking a well-rounded math curriculum for their homeschooling journey.
  • Supplemental Support: As a supplemental resource, Carson Dellosa Education Math Workbooks provide additional support for homeschooling families, reinforcing core concepts taught in other instructional materials.

Who They Might Be a Good Fit For:

  • Homeschooling Families: Tailored for the homeschooling environment, these workbooks offer flexibility and versatility to meet the unique needs of homeschooling families.
  • Visual Learners: With engaging and colorful designs, these workbooks are well-suited for visual learners who benefit from visually stimulating materials.
  • Parents Seeking Variety: Ideal for parents looking for workbooks that offer a variety of learning activities, ensuring a dynamic and engaging math learning experience.
  • Supplemental Learning Needs: Beneficial for families seeking supplemental resources to enhance their math curriculum, providing additional support for deeper understanding.
  • Independent Learners: Suited for homeschoolers who prefer independent learning, as the workbooks come with clear instructions, allowing students to work through the material at their own pace.
  • Multi-Grade Homeschools: Given the diverse grade levels available, Carson Dellosa Education Math Workbooks are suitable for families with students across different age groups in a homeschooling setting.